Executive Learning

Character and competence is one

Executive Learning

We recognize that there are basically three approaches in employee’s learning process according to the experts: Job-Focused Learning (such as challenging assignments, on-the-job training, and special projects) that contributes 70% to improve competency; Relationship-Focused Learning (such as mentoring, coaching, and counseling) that contributes 20%; and Education-Focused Learning (such as courses, seminars, and workshops) that only contributes 10%. But if the formal education—this 10% contribution—is very well provided to the corporate executives first, then as the result they will be able to widely apply it to their team either as job-focused learning or relationship-focused learning. To be a knowledge company and learning organization is every executive’s business in this VUCA world nowadays.

Therefore our training programs, both monthly Public Seminars and In-House Training is uniquely customized to fit your company needs, especially the executives. Supported by the experienced facilitators that use participatory adult learning principles to edutrain and inspire, we are ready to explore issues on learning and competency development at your company to enhance human capital value.

Our Executive Learning modules includes the following topics:

  • Service Excellence

  • Strategic Planning

  • Supply Chain

  • Personal Skill Improvement

  • Merger & Acquisition

  • Leadership

  • Lean Manufacturing

  • KPI & Company Scorecard

  • Integrated Marketing

  • Holding Company

  • Human Capital & Talent Management

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Change Management

  • Corporate Culture

  • Branding

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young” (Henry Ford)

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