Talent Acquisition

The Right Man on The Right Place

Talent Acquisition


We have the know-how to find the best talent, a pro-hire with broad exposure, competencies, and integrity to drive your organization forward. Our Executive Search approach is distinguished in ways that will make the right candidate joins the right company.

We are ready to discuss with your company to outline the key criterias of the expected candidates, search and select the most suitable candidates from various channels and database, do the cross reference check, submit a short-listed candidates with detailed professional summary, arrange the interview with user,  and support the negotiation needed until the final employment placement.   

It takes normally 3 – 4 weeks to submit the short-listed candidates after order confirmation signing. No payment is due until your company appoints a candidate with a final employment placement, except a commitment fee which is deductible to the success fee. Suppose that the appointed candidate resigns within 3 months probationary period, a one time replacement will be delivered at no extra charge.



We can handle the full lifecylce and logistic on the hiring process of fresh graduate talents, including job ad campaigns, online registration, sourcing thousands of applicants, pre-screening selections, technical tests, psychological tests, leaderless group discussions, in-depth interviews, and reporting its result. Helping your company focus on hiring the most suitable talents with effective and efficient process.

Our team first to work shoulder to shoulder with your company to prepare everything needed. Then we take care to maintain an optimal level of cost and time expenditures during the Mass Recruitment process. A consistent quality control guaranteed during the project depending on its size and duration.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur” (Red Adair)

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